Pine Grove, WV 26419, and New Ulm, TX 78950

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Pembroke Welsh Corgis

We are a small hobby breeder of  AKC registered Pembroke Welsh Corgis. We strive to produce happy, healthy pups. 

meet our corgi family

Cross Country Prince Charles


Charlie (Keksas Smelio Klavyrai X Finley Belle) hails from the great state of Texas. Thanks to Loyce Balas (Hill Country Corgis ) for this beautiful boy.  Charlie's sire is a Lithuanian import who stamps his offspring with this beautiful face.  A  full coated, red-headed tri with a sweet laid back disposition, we are looking forward to seeing what Charlie brings us in the Spring  of  2019. 

Charlie weighs in at 28 pounds. 

 DM clear, vWD1 carrier,  vWD2 clear,  EIC clear,  Fluff carrier,  T-Locus carrier

Cross Country Sam Houston


Sam  (Sir Jaxon Snuggleapagus X Daisy Mae of Fredericksburg) comes from deep in the heart of Texas. Thanks again to Hill Country Corgis for this adorable boy. He is our snuggler, always  ready for hugs and belly rubs.  Sam is a beautiful sable,  weighing in at  28 pounds.  He is a big energetic boy. 

  DM clear, vWD1 clear, EIC clear  Fluff carrier, 

T-Locus clear

Cross Country Peaches and Cream


Peaches (Pop A Bottle Of Our Champagne X Hidden Hillside's Volcanic Obsidian).  Thanks Christina for this little beauty.  Peaches is our newest addition and our first fluffy.  She has a sweet disposition and is loved by everyone.   We look forward to watching this little girl grow up. 

DM clear, EIC clear, vWD1 clear, Fluffy

Cross Country Betty Bee


Betty (Lone Stars Flyin' Bullets X Low Riders Dixie Stampede) comes to us from Ohio (Low Riders Welsh Corgis ) She is a beautiful black-headed tri. Very smart and athletic, she loves to play fetch and take long walks. The peacemaker of the group;  she is very sensitive to emotions, human or animal. She gets along with everyone; cats, dogs and people.

 Betty  is average size weighing in at 24 pounds. 

DM carrier,  vWD1 clear, vWD2 clear, 

EIC clear, Fluff clear

Cross Country Rue Bee Red Slippers


Ruby (Excaliburs We R Off To C The Wizard  X Braidwood's SugarFaery FoxFyre) comes to us from the frozen north.  Many thanks to Ellen  and Nessa for this jewel.  Ruby is a  deep red with a black saddle and muzzle.   She is fast becoming a beautiful young lady with eyes that look right into your soul. 

DM clear, vWD1 clear, EIC clear, Fluff carrier

Cross Country Wilma


Wilma (Lone Stars Flyin' Bullets X Low Riders Wynd Chimes) is Betty's little sister.  The clown of the group, she would much rather be outside guarding the barn or playing in the creek than being a house dog. Wilma will steal your heart with her beautiful red and white coat and  her crazy antics. 

Wilma is a little girl at 23 pounds. 

DM clear,  vWD1 clear, vWD2 clear,

EIC clear, Fluff clear




 After a combined 70+ years  employment in the gas and oil industry, my husband and I  reached the golden age of retirement. Finding ourselves becoming couch potatoes, we decided that we needed a hobby that would get us back on our feet. 

At the same time our only dog, sweet Bella, was getting up in age and we knew the time was right to add to our family. Through the years we have kept the occasional stray that wandered in or brought home the sad puppy we just couldn't resist saving. This time we decided to get what we really wanted. 

We spent a lot of time thinking about what breed we would like. Having owned a Pembroke Welsh Corgi in the past we decided this was the breed for us. The problem came when we tried to find one. After much searching, and a year on a waiting list, we finally got Betty. We fell so much in love with her that we decided she needed a playmate, and along came Wilma. The two girls inspired us to add Mr. Charlie and so begin our adventure into the Corgi business.


As we have homes in both West Virginia and Texas, and travel (dogs and all) several times a year between the two , we truly are Cross Country Corgis.  


We currently have no puppies available. 

 We are planning four litters for 2020

Two of these litters will include fluffy pups. 

If you are interested please let us know our wait list is almost full. 


All puppies:

Will have tails docked and dew claws removed.

Will be on a deworming schedule

1st puppy vaccine administered by vet at 6 week well check

Will come with an up to date health record. 

No pups released before the age of 8 weeks

We breed NO at risk puppies

All our dogs have been tested for DM, vWD1, vWD2, EIC and Fluff

We recommend you take your new pup to your vet within the first three days of its arrival home. He/she will need to be started on heartworm and flea/tick control at this time and will also need to finish the full series of vaccinations. This is very important for your puppy's continued good health. 



All puppies sold on a limited AKC (pet) registration.

Standard Coat  $1350

Fluff Carrier       $1450

Fluffy Coat          $1600 

Wait list is open.

(Full AKC registration on a very limited basis only. Please contact me to discuss this). 

AKC Full registration  +$500

We do have a spay or neuter contract.  

If you would like to be contacted when we have a litter born,  please let me know by calling 304-889-2863 or



We do not air ship.

We can meet you at the Pittsburgh PA or Columbus OH Airport 

We travel from WV to TX several times a year and can deliver along our route

Or you can pick up here and see your puppy's parents!

No visitors without prior consent.

If you would like to visit our farm please make arrangements with us. 

Contact Us

Karen Fotovich

Cross Country Corgis

po box 465, Pine Grove, WV 26419

(304) 889-2863

You may also find us at our second home in 

New Ulm, TX, 78950

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